I am back after a prolonged hiatus!

No sooner had this blog post started almost a year ago than it went comatose! In my opening post, I had promised to follow-up with posts not only on educational matters and lifestyle but also on issues of significance in our society. But alas! my desire suddenly got throttled along the way by all the worries of this world and the flaming intention I had then was doused.

Thanks to a persistence of encouragements from people who want to read more of my posts, I have decided to bring my blog back to life. Now that I am back with renewed vigor, I will begin to churn out posts from time to time. Over this past year, a lot of water has passed under the bridge. There have been a lot of happenings politically, economically and educationally. I will comment on these happenings and more in my subsequent posts.

In the meantime, I wish to use this opportunity to re-introduce and re-integrate myself into your esteemed readership.  Let me leave y’all with this little allegory which will be discussed in detail when next I come your way in a few days’ time. An imposing edifice once stood in the center of a city. It was one of the most beautiful buildings and in fact, a tourist attraction in that city. On a windy summer day, this imposing building, that has been a pride to the citizens of this city, came crashing down.  An investigative panel was set up to find out the cause of the collapse of the building.

What do you think will be the result of the investigation into the collapse of the building…Hmm, can it be the strong wind, defective foundation, or some other structural deficiency?

Kindly leave a comment.

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