Why you should not whine but work hard and wait for your time to wine and dine with well-wishers.

 “There is no great achievement that is not the result of patient working and waiting”-J.G. Holland.

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God created the universe in six full days and rested on the seventh. The creation of the universe was not only an exemplary display of orderliness by God but also a masterful demonstration of his organizational skill. With His awesome power, He could simply have made a single pronouncement and everything would fall into place. But He chose to do the job in stages spanning seven days. He did not do the job of two days in one day. He did not rush to finish the job he planned for four days in two days. Rather, He created all things one day at a time. He did this to stress the importance of planning all activities in a structured manner and execute them in an orderly fashion.

Here are 4 reasons you should never complain or lose hope if you have not yet achieved your goals in life.
1. Your life is designed to evolve in predetermined stages: A baby has to first learn how to crawl before walking. As a toddler, he learns how to take a few but unsteady steps one at a time. When he grows older, he no longer toddles but walks as a boy or an adult with a perfect and balanced gait. No scientific knowledge or manipulation can magically transform a toddler into a man without passing through all the necessary and developmental processes.

In the human journey of life, you cannot brush aside certain phases that you are destined to pass through despite your best efforts to avoid them. There are periods of failures and successes, sadness and joy, weeping and laughter, planting and harvesting and so on. Whether you have a growth mindset personality or a fixed mindset personality, you are bound to experience some life adversities. How you demonstrate resilience over time to get over those adversities rather than whine about them is what will get you to the next level.

2. Giving up on your dream is self-defeatist and self-destructive: Are you currently positioned on a ledge trying to jump off to your death because you think your dreams of making it in life are shattered? Committing suicide is not the answer to your problems. Perhaps your efforts to land your dream job are yet to come to fruition and you feel like giving up hope altogether. Giving up will never get you the job; persistence will.

No matter the pain and suffering afflicting you right now, rest assured that it only represents a bend in the journey and not the end of your life. Anytime you fumble or stumble along the way to achieve your goal, get right back up and continue rather than whine. This kind of unyielding spirit is what will guarantee your success.

3. Destiny has assigned us different times to reach our goals in life: What I mean here is that we cannot all be millionaires or achieve our life goals at the same time. Some will hit their goals in the morning. Others will get there in the afternoon. There are others still who are destined to reach their goals in the evening time. That is why there are people who attain financial freedom in their 20s or 30s while others only get there when they are in their 50s or 60s.

The race runners in an Olympic event do not reach the finishing line all at the same time. If you consistently invest your time and energy in any worthwhile venture of your desire, your chances of achieving success at your appointed time are bright. God has assigned to every one of us specific times to shine and flourish in life. If you are not there yet, never whine, work harder and wait for your time.

4. Give thanks for the gift of life: Do you know that no matter your current situation, a lot of people out there are still trying to match your level of achievement just as you too are looking up to emulate the achievements of others. As long as you are still alive and able, Providence has given you the considerable latitude to attain excellence in any profitable activity you lay your hands on.

But always give thanks to God for the abundant opportunities of life that are available to you. When you give thanks for the little you have now, you are paving the way for more to come. Remember, you do not own your life. Your life is like a property leased to you for a limited amount of time. Before the owner asks you to return it, why not make the most of it and stop whining?

For you to achieve success in life, you have to plan your actions meticulously and embrace hard work. Even if you experience some ups and downs, do not whine, quit, or think of taking your life. Just continue to be conscientious in whatever you do, realizing, however, that the path to success is laced with thorns and thistles.

When success eventually comes your way, give thanks to God and whoever is instrumental to your achievement. If you commit all things into God’s hands, you will see God’s hands in all things. And your friends, relatives, and well-wishers will subsequently rally round to “clang silverware on drinking glasses” in your honor.

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