My name is Isaac Olatunbosun, writer, blogger, educator and lifelong learner. My passion is to help men and women facing life difficulties to develop resilience so they can bounce back to life. I also provide the necessary tools and coping skills to face life challenges with courage.

I believe in the idea that human beings are created to fulfill specific purposes in life. These purposes constitute the driving force that propels us towards our goals.

My life over the past two decades has been a mixed bag of successes and failures. It is indeed a journey of bumpy roads full of twists and turns. Worse still, I have , on numerous occasions, run into life’s cul-de-sacs in my quest for solutions to my problems. But the good news is each time I find myself at the dark end of the road, a bright light always shines on  my path enabling me to make a tactical retreat and begin the search for a new way out. Although daunting sometimes, my shortcomings, frustrations and inadequacies have never derailed me from my set goals.

Through my writings and blog posts, I hope to inspire my readers who have experienced or are still  going through a similar situation never to flinch in the face of these difficulties. My main goal is to share with you how I moved from failure to failure without dampening my enthusiasm. Now I find myself back on the path to success.

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