Welcome to my World of blogging!

After years, months and days of dilly-dallying and hesitations, my strong desire to become a blogger has finally crystallized into reality. I have always wrestled with the idea of when, where and how to launch myself into writing for a wider and, in fact, a global readership. This idea has often been stifled by a myriad of mostly inexcusable but surmountable obstacles which I’ve too often allowed to cripple, albeit temporarily, my cherished ambition. But it now appears that the moment has come for me to share my modest views on contemporary issues of our time and commit them to a healthy and interactive public discourse. My posts will focus mainly on education and lifestylegenerally with occasional forays into other areas that may interest you and keep you glued to my posts as we journey along in our partnership. Did I hear you say Hmnn… wait a minute, haven’t we heard or read a plethora of issues surrounding what this “baby blogger” says he intends to be talking about? Yes, you are definitely right about that. A good number of bloggers out there may have at one time or the other discussed these issues in their posts. But, folks, can we ever have enough of the amount of discourse on any topic that will help to foster and propagate the ethos required to build an egalitarian society? Certainly not. That is why my blog will be an added voice to whatever discussion that has been going  particularly on educational matters.

A friend once told me that he was concerned that by the time he bought his own car and put it on the road, he would be contributing to the messy and chaotic traffic situation on our city roads. He even considered jettisoning the whole idea of buying the car altogether! My simple reaction to him was that it’s true there was traffic but this would be more of an issue to me when my own car numbered among the huge convoy of vehicles on the roads. It is at this time when I personally experience the discomfort associated with the bumper to bumper situation of our roads that I will be confident to broach any discussion about traffic on our roads. I know for sure that other blogs about education and lifestyle may have existed but wait for a different perspective  which my blogs may provide to spice up the discussion. Just as it may take several sunday sermons by different pastors on the subject of truth-telling before a man is positively impacted, it may also take  combined efforts of several blog posts to achieve the desired results. It is on that note that I say welcome to my world of blogging.

I do hope that my posts will engender lively discussions and feedback from you all. Such discussions may invariably have a significant impact of sociological proportions at all levels of our educational system. They may even form the bedrock of expected positive changes in our schools. Let us join hands to build a new society for our young generation through positive discussions which educators and policy planners will be interested in and willing to implement in educational curriculums. I will also be introducing extraneous topics of interest that cut across social stratification. I am open to constructive criticism and I invite from you my esteemed readers and fellow/”senior” bloggers good suggestions that will make me grow and serve your interest to the very best. I hope you will rise with me. Come on, lets rooooooooll :D!